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Okay, first off I watched Castle season 1 when it natually aired and liked it but than I sorta lost interest because of IRL things so I missed a lot of season two. Thankfully though I'm learning from my HORRIBLE mistake of not watching when its on. The past two weeks my boytoy got seasons one and two on dvd so I could catch up and I've been watching season three as it airs. So because I've missed out on so much I figured I'd catch up on ships and all that. Course as the Castle fandom grows as does the fanfic and by god its amazing. I ship Caskett much like pretty much the whole fandom does but I've also come to love the ship that is Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito (aka Ryspostio/Roach and my personal shippy name for them is Kevier). So with me reading fic I landed on a death fic that actually had me BAWLING my eyes out because it was so amazing. I won't ruin it and tell you which boy dies but yeah YOU SHOULD READ IT just so this death!mix makes better sense. The mix is roughly two stages; before and after either boy's death just so you're not confused by some of the songs. I didn't want it extremely depressing because trust me I could of made it WAY worse.

Warning: this fanmix is VERY SLASHY HAPPPPPPPY

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I've been on a Johnny Yong Bosch high since last year and I just so happened to download his movie called Broken Path and fell in love with it. Well more like I fell in love with JYB because he was awesome even if that movie was a b-rated movie with nothing but fight scenes. Looking past all the fighting in it(which was a lot) I fell in love with his character Hiroki/Jack because like knowing what he went through to have a normal life just for his past to come back and haunt him like it did was amazing to sit through. Because of that this fanmix was born the songs shift from Ninja!Hiroki, Hiroki/Lisa, Normal!Hiroki and Yoshi Vs Hiroki if you watched the movie you'd probably have a better understanding of the songs and the fanmix itself :p If not it doesn't matter enjoy the music and enjoy the pretty art :P.

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I needed a fanmix for them considering how "Abandon All Hope" ended. Plus they are and will forever be the only het otp on SPN that I will always love even after SPN ends. Jo was a very fun character it saddens me that the fandom that I love so much hated her so greatly because she was a girl. Besides that it was pretty obvious that Dean cared for her a lot with how the final scene was played out in "Abandon All Hope". She went out fighting and that my friends is the best way to go and she will always be remembered as a "bad ass mother fucker" because of it :D.
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29 September 2009 @ 05:12 pm
SPOILERS FOR SPN EPI'S 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 JUST SO Y'KNOW. Also keep in mind some of them look the same because I tried different colorings. This batch is overly SPN and some RANDOM TEXT/OTHER ICONS ♥.

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Yay! another fanmix for a couple that I like next to Will/Allan(RIP ;-;). Now this was pretty random since itunes was pretty much set on CHEKOV/SULU songs at least for me. Now the whole fanmix is roughly random songs I even threw in a techno one and two purely instrumental songs because I'm such a whore for instrumental songs ;P. I think the I might do another Chekov/Sulu fanmix that is nothing but instrumental because half of the songs SCREAM them hardxcore. Most of the songs are from the boys point of views and some have little things I was thinking about while I listened :D.

So here ya go people keep in mind that its all separate because I'm on dial up <3.
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29 March 2009 @ 01:56 am
Woot, look another icon post ;D isn't it amazing this is like the first time I've done two posts in the same month. Anyways I thinking about not posting these but apparently they are cooler then I thought. So, here they are just a couple random supernatural text icons. I guess one or two can be consider spoilery if you haven't seen this season like at all. But besides that here they are ^^;;. Because I still have adobe up if you want text icons like these just leave me a comment. It doesn't matter if its not Supernatural I love taking requests :D


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